Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations:
l. One adult should be familiar with the campsite before taking the group camping.
2. Youth, Inc. reserves the right to refuse the use of the site to any group that abuses
the privilege of camping.
3. Observe “No Trespassing” signs on adjoining property. In consideration of
neighbors, no loud music or noise shall be permitted after 10 PM. Discuss the use of
sirens or loudspeakers with the registrar/caretaker prior to use.
4. Use only the established fireplaces or areas specifically designed for fires.
5. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the campsite.
6. A responsible adult must be on-site and in charge of the group AT ALL TIMES.
7. No trailers, campers, or cars allowed except in parking areas or outside camping perimeter. No off-road vehicles allowed.
8. No pets allowed.
9. We do not encourage younger children, who are not regular campers at the site. If this is necessary, we recommend an adult supervised nursery be set up.
10. There is to be no defacing of property, cutting down live trees, carving on trees or marking of any kind on any permanent buildings.
11. Remove any temporary program helps set up during the stay in camp, such as: trail markings, lashing, and nature helps.

Departure Instructions:
1. If tents are put up and trenched, all trenches must be properly covered after removing tents.
2. All garbage must be removed from the grounds. Most of the trash cans take a 44-gallon bag, there are a couple of cans that take “Tall Kitchen” bags in the Thorne-Rider Lodge kitchen.

“Come enjoy the natural beauty of the Big Horn Mountains, a clear mountain air environment, a profusion of wild flowers or a snow-covered hillside.”

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