YMCA Campers at Thorne-Rider Front Gate

Schedule Jan – Dec 2024(dates shown are dates already reserved)

Due to scheduling abuses in the past several years, we now require that the “Cleaning Deposit” check of $250 be mailed to the registrar six weeks prior to the scheduled usage.  Please include group name, dates reserved, and contact email with the check.  If you are a No-Show, the check will be cashed.  In the case of a No Show, all subsequent reservations for the year will be cancelled.  If you use the camp as scheduled and leave it in good condition, the check will be returned to you.  Mail to:
Youth Inc Registrar
P.O. Box 254
STORY WY. 82842
We will also keep a waiting list.  If a vacancy occurs, we will notify those on the waiting list as soon as we can.
Month Thorne-Rider Poulson Griffith
Jan 2024 Closed
Feb 2024 17-19;23-25 Closed
Mar 2024 2-3 Closed
Apr 2024 12-14;25-26
May 2024 13-17;18-19;31 4;17-19
June 2024 1-2;4;7-8;10-14;17-19;24-28 5;6;8;20-21;22-26
Jul 2024 8-12;15-16;18-20;22-26;29;30-31 17-19;30-31
Aug 2024 1-2;5-9;10-11;12-14;15-17;22-24 1-2;5-9;12-16
Sep 2024 6-8 14-15
Oct 2024 18-20 Closed
Nov 2024 Closed
Dec 2024 Closed
Schedule Jan – Dec 2023(dates shown are dates already reserved)
Month Thorne-Rider Poulson Griffith
Jan 2023 14-15;21-22 Closed
Feb 2023 18-20;24-26 Closed
Mar 2023 Closed
Apr 2023
May 2023 5-7;12-13;15-19;22 20-21
June 2023 2-4;9-11;16-20;21-24;26-30 21-22
Jul 2023 6;7-8;31
Aug 2023 1-4;7-11;16-18
Sep 2023 22-24;30 7;20
Oct 2023 1;7;20-21 Closed
Nov 2023 3-5;21-22 Closed
Dec 2023 16;23-24 Closed

1. Reservations for the upcoming year will be taken by the camp registrar on November 1 of the current year, beginning at 12:00 p.m. (noon).  No reservations will be accepted before that time.

2. Groups from Sheridan, Johnson and Campbell Counties will have first choice. Out of area groups will be filled in after Nov. 15. If you beat the start time, your reservation will be put at the bottom of the queue.

3. If two organizations request the same block of time, and one of those organizations had that time block the previous year, the other organization would have their request granted. The organization whose request was granted, would be placed at the bottom of the list for that time block for the next year.

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